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Save yourself time and frustration -- let me do your first round of edits! After staring at a manuscript for months on end, we become blind to the typos and subtle mistakes. Instead of spending your valuable time looking for missing commas and dashes, sit back and let me do the work.

All services include two complete passes through your manuscript.

ProWriting Aid Assistance

Are you overwhelmed with this powerful editing software? Did your publisher send you a confusing "readout" of line edits that has your head spinning? Is the cost of the PWA software outside your budget and now you wonder what you will do to meet these expectations? Never fear! I can help you with these first-round edits using PWA. 

I will use the PWA Improvements Editor to address the following items within your manuscript: 

  • I will address items in the following PWA reports: Grammar/Spelling, Writing Style, Improvements, Overused Words, Cliches, Business Jargon

  • Improve Readability with suggestions through MS Word Track Changes

  • You will receive back a copy of your draft with Track Changes in Microsoft Word

  • Ideal for first-round edits of drafts for book submissions or those already in the production process

  • 10 pages free trial

  • Rate: $25/hour, 4-hour minimum ($100)

  • Terms: Upon agreement for services, $100 upfront payment due. Hourly invoice balance payable upon completion

  • Payable: PayPal or Square


Dealing with presentation:

  • Issues of punctuation, spelling, and typing errors

  • Will check for extra spaces between words and punctuation, line spacing, and indents

  • Proper use of quotation closures, commas, dashes, and hyphens

  • Suggestions for edits you can do yourself

  • Ideal for blogs, articles, papers, and other electronic media

  • Rate: $20/hour, 4-hour minimum ($80)

  • Terms: Upon agreement for services, $80 upfront payment due. Hourly invoice balance payable upon completion

  • Payable: PayPal or Square

First Round Editing

Deals with content:

  • Includes both PWA and Proofreading services as listed above

  • Improving style, accuracy, and sentence structure as per PWA suggested edits

  • Rewording/rewriting sentences, phrases, and paragraphs

  • Eliminating repeated phrases, including minimizing your idiosyncracies 

  • Checking for consistent grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling

  • Correcting discrepancies (i.e. same name spelled different ways) and confusing similarities (i.e. two characters named Mary and Marcy)

  • You will receive back a copy of your draft with Track Changes in Microsoft Word

  • Ideal for full-length novels and books, novellas, short stories, print media, etc.

  • 10 pages trial, charged only if you contract my services for the project

  • Rate: 1¢ per word, based on starting MS Word count, for one completed draft

  • Secondary Rate: $20/hour for touch-ups and rewrites, beyond original work.

  • Terms: Upon agreement for services, 50% due upfront. Balance payable upon completion

  • Payable: PayPal or Square

I use the AP Style Guide and ProWriting Aid for all services

Additional Services


I know many authors dread having to write their back-of-the-book descriptions. Complaints range from sounding like a literary textbook to a 3rd-grade book report. It takes time, energy, and a bit of distance from the material to write a compelling back-of-the-book summary that will capture potential readers' attention and push them over the edge to make the sale. 

When I write your back-of-the-book summary, you will have plenty of material from which to choose. Many authors use my blurbs as a starting point to jumpstart their own writing, while others adopt every word I write. The choice is yours.

  • I will provide you with three full paragraphs of plot summary appropriate for the back of your book, either completely original or based upon your own draft

  • Please provide me with your first draft of the blurb, and no more than a 3000-word summary of your book -- with emphasis on characters and plot points that are essential to the blurb. 

  • Rate: $30/hour, 1-hour minimum, 2-hour maximum

  • Terms: Upon agreement for services, a $30 upfront payment is due. Additional hour invoiced if needed

Fictional Journalism

Are you struggling to write an article within your work that doesn't sound like you wrote it? What you need is another writer to add their unique voice while not influenced by your own. I am happy to help by writing those articles for you.


  • I will write a newspaper/magazine/blog, etc. article not in your author or style voice

  • Please provide me with the "facts" that need to be included in the article (we will speak directly about what exactly I need from you) Do not send any drafts of your attempts at this article. 

  • Rate: $30/hour, 1-hour minimum, 4-hour maximum

  • Terms: Upon agreement for services, a $30 upfront payment is due. Additional hours invoiced as needed


Please inquire at: 


Projects & Testimonials

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 11.46.53 AM.png

"Cul-de-Sac" by James C. Howell


Lisa was instrumental in working out the kinks in my manuscript and helped me figure out the wording of the back cover synopsis (a task that inspires terror in the heart of every author who self-publishes). The changes and fixes she suggested improved the final product immeasurably.

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Green Book_edited.jpg

"From Cab Driver to Carnegie Hall" by David Singer


What a stroke of luck that Lisa Febre was my first editor on my first book, "From Cab Driver to Carnegie Hall." In the beginning, I had lots of notes and plenty of ideas but not a clue in terms of how to begin. Lisa was patient, organized, and led me, step by step, one day at a time, setting small, attainable goals. Lisa was also able to provide me with suggestions in my style of writing. No small feat! Always enthusiastic, very generous with her time and cheering me on all the way, the result of Lisa's guidance and expert editing is that my book is about to be released and already I have great reviews including from one who is a featured writer for the Huffington Post.


I recommend Lisa Febre as a great editor.


Learn More about the Book

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 11.44.04 AM.png

"Shelter of the Monument" by Yvonne de Sousa


Lisa successfully adapted my voice for the changes and was always spot on. I had the opportunity to rewrite what she wrote, but I almost never did, accepting 95% of her recommend corrections. Plus, Lisa stood ahead of me on the project so I didn’t have to worry about meeting my deadline and, for fun, added amusing comments in the side margins to make me smile during the work. There is no way I could have gotten through this process without her and I truly believe she is an angel sent to help me tell my story.  If you are in need of editing assistance and have the opportunity to work with Lisa Febre, you will be as grateful as I am! --Yvonne deSousa, Author

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Blue Hardcover Book_edited.jpg

ProWritingAid Assistance



Ghostwriting Services:

Back of the Book

Fictional Journalism

Please inquire at: 

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