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What People Are Saying

“A deeply personal, honest, and informative account of one young cancer survivor's journey, her prose is easy on the eye and mind; her stunning comparisons of the good and bad in nature are intelligently woven throughout, and her inspirational soul emanates from every page as if she hasn't already given enough. Able to make you weep one moment and then guffaw the next, Lisa's book is a beautifully written testament to the power of love, friendship, and self-worth, and is essential reading for cancer sufferers, cancer survivors, or the cancer curious." — Neil Baker, Author, Owner April Moon Books 


"If you are facing a life-threatening illness or any kind of hardship, you should read Round the Twist: Facing the Abdominable, by Lisa Febre, a remarkable survivor of colon cancer. In Febre’s detailed, raw, honest, humorous, and mesmerizing story about battling and surviving both cancer and the ensuing treatment, you will be inspired by what can be accomplished through courage, tenacity, spirituality, and hope. This is a must-read." — David B. Seaburn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Family Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center (retired), and author of nine novels, most recently, “Give Me Shelter.”

"Statistics don’t lie….most of us will be or will know someone diagnosed with cancer, but “Round The Twist:  Facing The Abdominable” by Lisa Febre is a book that explains the author’s cancer journey with insight, humor, forethought and empathy for not only other cancer patients but those who love and care for them.  Lisa’s journey is not for the faint of heart, but one that honestly and openly chronicles her cancer diagnosis, treatments, and life-changing experience.  She lays her soul bare at a sometimes heartbreaking level while readers are left understanding the fight so many of us face when the word cancer comes out of our doctor’s mouth.  This book will open the reader’s eyes to the battle that is cancer survival and shine a spotlight on Lisa’s strength and courage while giving others hope that there is light at the end of the battle." — Barbara A. Luker, author of “The Right One”


Round The Twist is a memoir about being incredibly alive and deeply loved. Lisa Febre’s journey through the best and worst of what modern medicine has to offer is crackling with detail, intensity, and wit. A balm for the soul, a love story in disguise.” — Emily Wright, Assistant Editor, Strings Magazine


"Lisa tells her story with so much heart, and such candor, one is drawn into her narrative right from the get-go. I laughed -- yes, laughed. I cried. With her easy-going prose, Lisa welcomes you along on her harrowing journey -- with the sole purpose of helping others understand what it is like to endure all the tests, all the treatments, and all the ups and downs of fighting cancer. For those facing "The Big C", and for those who know someone enduring the unimaginable, Round the Twist is a must-read." — Melinda Wolf, Writer, and Editor


"Round the Twist: Facing the Abdominable submerges you into the dark reality of a Stage-4 Cancer diagnosis where survival is the only option. An inspiring, emotional investment sending the eye-opening and powerful message that even when a diagnosis is dire, miraculous healing and restoration can happen with a top-notch medical team at your side and allies who feed your mind, body, and spirit in tandem. Truly inspiring!" — Michelle A. Dick, Freelance Writer, Editor


"A story of cancer told with truth and inspiration. One doesn’t necessarily need positivity and resilience to survive a cancer diagnosis. But positivity and resilience are crucial if one is to thrive in the aftermath of such terrifying news. Lisa Febre is quintessential proof that these elements should be part of any treatment plan and she demonstrates that beautifully in her memoir.  She handles the graphic issues of colon cancer with truth, delicacy, frustration and, most importantly, an amazing spirit.  She does what I believe a medical memoir should always do-give the reader the information they need to appreciate the severity of her journey, without bombarding them with difficult terminology and unnecessary scientific concepts. But what really stood out for me is how this memoir is laced with lovely imagery of nature and the lessons Ms. Febre learned from insisting on being wide open to the world around her.  My particular favorite is what Dusty the dog taught her though there are many inspiring allegories in this story.  If you are looking to read a powerful story of a cancer diagnosis, this is the one I would recommend."  Yvonne deSousa, author of "MS Madness!" and the soon to be released, "Shelter of the Monument"

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