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“Round The Twist is a memoir about being incredibly alive and deeply loved, crackling with detail, intensity, and wit. A balm for the soul, a love story in disguise.”

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Round the Twist: Facing the Abdominable

Memoir of a Young Cancer Survivor

Coming: September 2023

"It's a heavy burden being a young cancer survivor," the words at the heart of the debut novel by Lisa Febre, drive her to find purpose and meaning in a life unexpectedly consumed by a diagnosis of late-stage colon cancer at the age of 47. She reveals her deeply emotional journey with raw intensity, humor, and heartbreaking honesty. 

"You will be inspired by what can be accomplished through courage, tenacity, spirituality, and hope."

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Round the Twist: Facing the Abdominable

September 7, 2023


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"Able to make you weep one moment and then guffaw the next, Lisa's book is a beautifully written testament to the power of love, friendship, and self-worth."

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