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Instruments for Sale

I always have great deals on used instruments!


Do you have an instrument you'd like to sell through my site? I'm looking for flutes, clarinets, oboes and saxophones. I'm also happy to help you sell your mouthpieces (clarinet & saxophone), flute head joints, cases, case covers -- literally anything you can think of!


I do not charge fees or commission for my students or colleagues.


For specific information on an instrument, look for a link within the listing. If you have a general question for me, please use the form below to contact me directly.

If you are not a student (current or former), parent/client, or a colleague, I will charge an up-front listing fee and commission upon sale. Click here for more details.


N.B.: This is not an eBay type site. You will not be able to bid or purchase directly through this page. All sales are handled privately.

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*all products sold "as is"

*sales are final


"Selling my students' instruments through Lisa's website could not be easier. One oboe was in the hands of the new owner only 9 days later! Thanks so much for being such a helpful resource for teachers, students, and parents."

Victoria S., Professional Oboist, Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

"After 3 years of playing a beginner oboe in middle school, my daughter was ready to upgrade her instrument as she continues to play in high school.  Thanks to Lisa's website, we were able to connect with a family who was looking to sell their intermediate level oboe.  The instrument was well cared for and a perfect match for my daughter's needs.  Thank you Lisa!"

Regina G., Parent, Purchased Yamaha Oboe in 2015

Calabassas, CA

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