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Oboe Supplies


Congratulations on chosing the oboe as your favorite instrument! Now get shopping!!


Click on the IMAGES for access to links.

Sheet Music Plus

Every time you click the Sheet Music Plus link above, you help me earn money toward music for the studio. You know all those books I let you take home? Those are duplicates thanks to this great program!

JDW Sheet Music

JDW Sheet Music is an LA based publishing company, owned by local oboist Jessica Wilkins, that specializes in original music transcriptions for wind players of all ages.  This is your big chance to Buy Local!!!

                              Forrests Double Reed

Geek out at both of these online shops! If you live here in Los Angeles, you can visit RDG and see the products for yourself. It's always fun to hang out and shop.


Get all your reeds, accessories and gifts at these two great double reed shops.

Magic Reed

Magic Reed is my favorite place to buy all the student reeds we need for the studio. Dealing with owner Kathy is a dream come true. Please make this your first stop when buying your reeds!

Take the guesswork out of ordering reeds. Just click the name to purchase



Lisa's Choice: Student Handmade Oboe Reeds, from "Magic Reed"

Emerald Cane Oboe Reed -- Medium

Advantage Cane Oboe Reed -- Medium


Lisa's Choice:  Intermediate Handmade Oboe Reed, from "Magic Reed"

Chartier Artiste American Scrape Oboe Reed -- Medium or Medium-Hard

Emerald Artist Oboe Reed -- Medium or Medium-Hard




RDG Professional Oboe Reeds -- My favorite! These are an excellent choice for the advancing oboist. Works best if you have a conservatory or professional instrument, but will certainly improve your tone & flexibility if you have an intermediate instrument. 

Pre-Conservatory  or Conservatory Reeds from "Magic Reed"



Allan Concert Oboe Reed -- Medium or Medium-Hard 

Lesher PRO Oboe Reed -- Medium-Hard 

Stuart Dunkel Professional Cane Oboe Reed -- Medium or Medium-Hard



College & Beyond

Jennet Ingle Reeds - Jennet is a good friend of mine and will hook you up with the best oboe and English horn reeds!

                                     Be sure to tell her you're my student!

Caitlin Kramer Handmade Oboe Reeds

Elite Professional Reeds from "Magic Reed"

Argendonax, Pro Reed -- Medium



If you have any questions about which reed to order, please just ask me! I'm always here to help you find the best reed to make your experience as successful as possible. Always purchase at least 3 reeds at a time, and order more before you run out!

RDG Professional Reed

Time to order music & accessories!
Click on the publisher number to order:

Kenneth Gekeler Method Book 1



Gekeler Method Book 2



Melodious & Progressive Studies Book 1



Sellner Studies for Oboe

Z 12 002


Melodious & Progressive Studies Book 2


College Bound

Ferling 48 Famous Studies

      1st oboe HL.3770173

      2nd oboe HL.3770175


AMR Barret "A Complete Method for the Oboe"

BH BK 349


Vade Mecum of the Oboist


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